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"This program has a zero learning curve. I began using it immediately, and found that I had no problems understanding or using any features it offered... Anyone who is tired of the two-party system of word processing can join the “reform party” of Yeah Write for free or $29. And I’m voting for Yeah Write as the best new software program I’ve seen lately."--Larry Pace, Epinions.com, March 8, 1999

"Every household with a computer can profit from this amazing little giant of a program.  I'd consider it essential in a house where anyone isn't using the computer because they consider themselves incapable of doing so.  Kids take to Yeah Write like Lab Retrievers to water!"--Report from the Wall, Joseph Revell, June 14, 1999

"That word processor is Yeah Write, an extremely cool program that's about as alternative as it gets."--Computer Currents, March 22, 1999

"Don't think that this is another 'notepad replacement'. It isn't. It's a fully featured word processor with all the tools, toys and gizmos that you would expect - including headings, justifications, bold, italics, underlining, checkboxes, bullets, post/sub scripts and much, much more".--Quality-Shareware, January 5, 1999

"I write this week’s Crash Landing column from my trusty new word processor of choice, Yeah Write. That’s right, an application other than Microsoft Word. Suddenly there’s color back in my life and things are oh, so much simpler."--Eric Elia (@Home Network's Technology editor), November 23-29, 1998

"Defying huge odds, a team of Utah-based software gurus, who once helped write WordPerfect, cooked up this no-brainer of a text editor that attacks the biggies with a savvy grasp of just how frustrating PC word processing can be."--James Coates, Chicago Tribune, Silicon Prairie Section, October 25, 1998

"if you're looking for the world's easiest word processor, one that you can begin using 10 seconds after you install it, one that you can let the kids use without having to teach them how to perform arcane formatting commands, take a look at Yeah Write."--Bill Blinn, Technology Corner, WTVN Radio, Columbus, Ohio, September 6, 1998

"Verdict: Word processing made simple, not stupid. Pros: Elegantly easy and intuitive, great templates. Cons: Screen isn't WYSIWYG."--Gordon Bass, PC Computing, September 1998

"This program is written by folks who were WordPerfect employees, and we know that was perfect, but this is even better."--George Carbonell, Hartford User Group Exchange, September 1998

"there is a place for "The easiest word processor you'll ever use"--everyone's' desktop."--Paul Kurivchack, Princeton PC Users Group, September 1998

"What can I say to the people of Word Place, Inc? Well... you did good."--Terry Raley, Titusville Computer Club, September 1998

"If you are looking for a good, inexpensive, easy to use word processor, you owe it to yourself to check out this product."--James Simbro, Columbus Computer Society, September 1998

"I wrote this article using Yeah Write. I would have to recommend that you put it high on your list of "got to have" programs...You will not regret it."--Charles Kinsey, Polk Computer Users Group (Lakeland, FL), August 1998.

"For what Yeah Write does, it does well. And it does it cheaply. I like it."--Merle Nicholson, Tampa PC Users Group, August 1998

"I certainly will use Yeah Write for 95% of my correspondence. This is a program for everyone. It is very fast, very small, and very easy to use."--Don Wilson, Flint Area Computer Enthusiasts, August 1998

"Bottom line: A great word processor that is very easy to install and use."--Jim Shireman, Southside Computer Club (Indiana), August 1998

"there's lots of good software available for download, but gems like Yeah Write are as rare as an honest politician."--Issie Rabinovitch, The Financial Post, July 18, 1998

"In a world of complex programs and seemingly endless options that most people never use, Yeah Write is a breath of fresh air... Yeah Write offers an innovative and elegant alternative."--Eric Maloney, Practical Windows, May 1998

"I have run the same word processor for almost 10 years, but I think I'll switch. How is that for a testimonial?"--Bruce Vernier, "Love at First Write with Yeah Write!", Central Texas PC Users' Group, May 1998

"Yeah Write has all of the features that most writers need and it is easy, fast and reliable. It also has an interesting new interface that makes word processing simple, easy and fun again."--Chris Hagin, May 1998, Keystrokes Magazine

"I had the pleasure of experiencing the fresh approach to word processing with a great little program called "Yeah Write"...I think they have a fantastic, no frills, down to earth application for the whole family."--Linda G. Christensen, Editor, Fox Valley Computer User Group, June 1998

"Yeah Write may have a funny name, but it does catch a market that needs to be filled. This is the easiest program you will ever find."--Joann Henely, Sandwich Islands Genealogical Society, July 1998

"The quick review:  It's great.  Buy it now."--Evelyn Stewart, Hunterdon Computer Club (Milford, NJ), July 1998

"All in all we rate this program as the best value word processor/text editor that we've seen."--Ray Isenson, Central Coast Computer Club, July 1998

"While the big three office suite developers have been making their word processors bigger and better--and more buggy an bloated, Word Place has been going the other way, toward a smaller, faster, and easier-to-use program the fills most everyday needs."--Glenn Balcom, Sierra Vista PC Users Group, June 1998

"I hope you take the time to get this program and give it a try. You won't be sorry."--Jim Carter, Monticello Area Computer Users Group, June 1998

"If Goldilocks were a Windows user, she might say 'Word is too big, WordPad is too small, and Yeah Write is just right.'... Yeah Write is a good, inexpensive choice for creating and editing simple documents."--Joel T. Patz, Windows Magazine, April 1998.

Named one of "Best Freeware and Shareware Apps--Yeah Write 1.2 for Windows. Write On"--April, 1998, PC World Magazine Online

"Yeah Write from Word Place is a great word processor. It's powerful yet simple to use. Best of all the install takes a tiny 1.6 megabytes."--February 1998, The Rambler

"Best Product Name of the Year: Yeah Write. Word Place's ingenious, Web-sold word processor also rates as my single favorite product of '97"--Eric Grevstad, January 1998, Computer Shopper

"The beauty of Yeah Write is that, although it contains a help system, you'll probably never need it. You can open the program and begin composing documents in minutes."--Paul Gilster, December 2, 1997, The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC

"this speedy, little word processor can handle your mundane daily documents with aplomb."--Kerry Krueger, Filemine, CMP Net

"For just one megabyte, it's nothing short of astonishing. It's fast, it's reliable, it's versatile, it's really and truly easy to use."--Nick Wilgus, November 12, 1997, Bangkok Post

"...for batting out prose such as notes, journal entries, or personal or business letters (complete with letterhead and envelopes if you like), Yeah Write is unbeatable, innovative, and easy to use."-Eric Grevstad, Fall 1997, Computer Shopper 2nd Annual Top 100 Guide

"...the feature-overloaded Office user can find some solitude in a simple yet functional word processor called Yeah Write."--Mark Tebbe, October 27, 1997, Infoworld

"Yeah Write is small, fast, colorful, extremely useful, amazingly well done and altogether a great program."--J. R. Wilson, September 12, 1997, Computer Edge

"I really like this little program... It's good to have even a small challenger to the Microsoft monolith, and while Yeah Write won't bring Bill Gates to his knees, it could offer a nice kick in the shins."--Mark Kellner, July 7, 1997, The Washington Times

"One of the most interesting things about Yeah Write is that it makes the concept of a file system entirely invisible to the end-user...Yeah Write shows what you can accomplish by hiding complexity."--Nicholas Petreley, July 7, 1997, InfoWorld Electric

"A word processor that's actually easy to use...Have you ever dreamt of a simple application which really does the job without a fuss? If you have, chances are you're going to like Yeah Write for Windows...as much as I do."--Taksina Isarabhakdi, July 2, 1997, Bangkok Post

"Dirt-cheap word processor with powerful document-management abilities... Bottom line: Even people who own a Ferrari can use a VW bug for a quick trip to the store."--Charles Bermant, June 27, 1997, The Washington Post

"Most striking is the anti-WYSIWYG approach that means users can use large, colour characters that aren't represented in printouts. Instead, users select task-driven templates and use the intelligence of the product to create attractive documents."--Martin Veitch, June 26, 1997, ZDNet UK

"One of the founders of Wordperfect Corp. is back in the word-processor business with a product that doesn't hog disk space -- and is fast and easy to use."--June 21, 1997, San Jose Mercury News

"In the belief that bigger is not always better, a group of former WordPerfect developers started from scratch and produced a word processor with bare-bones features and speedy operations."--Chris Jones, June 16, 1997, Wired News

"Word processing software from ex-WordPerfect staffers is aiming to provide a lightweight product for users to quickly write letters and memos without having to fire up larger mainstream word processors."--Jeff Walsh, June 12, 1997, InfoWorld Electric

"YeahWrite is a full-featured word processor, with spelling checker and everything. Sure, it doesn't have some of the more esoteric functions, but who needs them anyway?"--Jim Louderback, June 9, 1997, PC Week

"Open a drawer and you're confronted with the one of the cleanest and most intuitive interfaces you're likely to see.... It's perfect for those who only use a word processor for routine correspondence or who need to do a job quickly." Scott Nesbitt, Canada Computes! Online, May, 1997

"The authors have rethought the standard Windows word processor concepts and have come up with this low-priced gem."--May 19, 1997, ZDNet Software Library.

"Working with Yeah Write, one can easily start to wonder why other word processors often are so difficult and complicated to use. Don't think other word processors are particularly difficult to use? If not, have you tried Yeah Write? No? Try it, and you'll probably agree. Instead of wasting your time finding out how to do things, you can now start spending your time doing it." -- Lars Mathiassen, SharePaper

"The people who created WordPerfect have found a way to beat Word. Their "Yeah Write" for Windows is teeny-tiny compared to Word, and much cheaper.... It's a little different, but highly recommended." -- The Birmingham News, February, 1997

"The learning experience has been so much fun. It is a breath of fresh air because it is so simple to use. How they get it on one disk, I will never know. This program is unique, from design, to size, to marketing. Just try it out."--JoAnne Roy, Gigabyte Gazette, Sun City Summerlin Computer Club, February, 1997

"Yeah, Write! is one of the neatest products I've looked at in 1996 and is now a valuable part of the software I use daily. You owe it to yourself to give Yeah, Write! a try -- I'm sure you'll be very glad you did!" -- Michael E. Callahan AKA Dr. File Finder (TM) - CNET Online, December, 1996

"Altogether, it's fun to see a new appearance to the customary word processor, and to feel like you're in on the design stage of a brand-new development" -- Dick Bulinski, PC Users' Group of Colorado, December, 1996

"This free version is one heck-of-a tease, because it shows just how good a word processor can be.... Everyone in the development of Yeah Write is a former member of the WordPerfect crew that put together what I consider the best word processor available." -- R.L. Creighton, November 1996, PC PRIMER

"Once in a while I find a product that is so important or so universally needed, it deserves expanded coverage.... After a simple installation, up popped not some dumb square frame of text, but a very finished system for word processing which included an intelligently laid out screen interface that kept documents organized before you wrote them!" -- John Stewart, November 1996, The Iceberg Newsletter

"Yeah Write is great!... Want to jot down journal or diary entries, write short letters, memos and notes? Or even something as complex as the documentation for this program? Then Yeah Write is the perfect answer." -- Pat Mannix, Mid-Hudson Computer User Group, November, 1996

""Well," I wondered, "who in the world needs another word processing program." It turns out that perhaps we all do.... I'm impressed.... It's fast, it's relatively feature rich, and it's small." -- John Weersing, Temecula Valley Computer User Group Newsletter, November, 1996

"Both Jack and I installed it right away and it was love at first byte. It was so intuitive, straight-forward, a breeze to install and it doesn't get in your way as you work." -- Sherry Broderick, Microcomputer Users Group of Tampa Bay, FL. October, 1996

"It does what it's supposed to do with a minimum of frills and in a minimum size. We won't be surprised to see this program and it's coming versions gain wide spread use." -- Four Seas Review committee, Central Coast Computer Club, October 1996

"Se todos os programas fossem tão simples de usar como este, o mundo seria um sítio muito melhor." (If all programs were as simple to use as this one, the world would be a much better place.) -- António Eduardo Marques, Exame Informática (Portugal), October, 1996

"On opening the program, it loads very fast.... Overall I find the program extremely good at everything it does. As for being user friendly, the authors seem to have gone to great lengths to make the program as easy as possible to use." -- Mike Lumsden, Oct. 4, 1996 Shareware Junkies.

"Speaking of word processors, I came across one of the most attractive programs I've seen in some time. It's so compelling that it likely may attract users of the major commercial products. Created by several ex-WordPerfect employees, this intriguing little program - with the cocky name of Yeah Write - takes the complexity out of word processing and serves up a package that's logical and easy to use... They've created the most fascinating new word processing product I've seen in years. Best of all, this first release (named version 0) is free. A commercial version is due later this year." -- Peter Grad, July 22, 1996, The Bergen Record