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What a great piece of software.  The approach is so unique and yields uses for so many.  A text database masquerading as an "easy to use word processor", a PIM, a notepad, a just-put-it-here solution -- all that it is, and very well more.  The interface is well-thought and mighty while easy to use. Mouse or keyboard? It's just your choice. All that very well documented.  I personally use Yeah Write centrally for my day work diary/log, but around this sits a lot of related information, which easily fits in some more tabs/subtabs. Contacts, current and older, a general How To list for common problems, a tab to keep notes for the next main reorganization of our production cycle, and so on. Not to mention the Private drawer for all my personal/non-work things.  I took a copy of Yeah Write with me through all my computers, from my first Pentium75/Win95 to my current ThinkPad running XP. Yes I have backups of most of the important data of all the machines I used meanwhile. But these are stored elsewhere, accessing means search, maybe in the basement... All the data I ever put into Yeah Write are still there, accessible on a click. All I had to do while switching machines was copy my yw disk folder and put it on the new machine -- so easy and great!  Finally, I want to urge anybody not to be tempted to think of this as an outdated product just because it's last release date was years ago. It is just a very finished and complete product :-) And, really, these words come from true daily experience!  Thank you very much for making this software.  -- Stefan, November 2, 2007

"I ran across Yeah Write on the web some time ago and used it on occasion for keeping notes on various projects I do as a software developer.  One day I decided I needed a more efficient way of keeping a To-do list.  I tried the ones provided on my work computer and downloaded several others from the web.  None of them worked the way I wanted them to.  They all forced me to keep strict track of dates and priorities.  Finally a light went on and I remembered Yeah Write.  I tried it out and it works just the way I think.  I can enter as little or as much info as I want when I want, not what the program wants me to.  I upgraded to the full version, and now I use it almost every day.  Thanks for making my job easier!"  -- Don, January 24, 2006

"I couldn't go without telling you what I think about Yeah Write. First, I think you're underselling it by describing it as an easy-to-use word processor - which, of course, it is. But I think the biggest advantage by far is that it's the perfect system for storing all those little thoughts and jottings we make, as well as handling most simple traditional word processing applications.  You guys have gone way beyond the nine dots and created a program that works the way we humans think. Congratulations. I'm raving about this to all my friends and business colleagues. And even though I've only had it a few days, I recognize that now I could never live without it." -- John, December 12, 2005

"Just want you to know that Yeah Write is a truly great word processor. I have had 2 computers in the last four years and only 1 Yeah Write. For Quick copy paste procedures it is ideal. Leave Yeah Write open on desktop and when you need to print something quickly from the I-net especially, just copy and paste it in Yeah Write." --Beverly S., September 01, 2004

My dad bought me my copy of Yeah Write for Christmas, I think it was in 1998, after I had begged for a month.  I recently started my own business and have been searching high and low for software to help me manage my (still very small) customer database. I had tried countless programs and had to redo my data base countless times, sometimes even losing data, I was so frustrated when a light came on and I realized I could use the address book in Yeah Write.  I created a new drawer for the business and now have all my information in one place and see now that I can mange almost all aspects of my business from this on program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"--Pam LaRose, October 16, 2002

"I've been a registered user of Yeah, Write! since March, 1998... I've upgraded my system many times since then, but I always take this application along for the ride. I just can't imagine working without it. You've done a wonderful job of putting together a useful, practical, and economical writer's utility. I thought it was about time I told you how much I've enjoyed using the application. Keep up the great work!"--Marsha L. Browne, October 4, 2002

"I read several of the letters from satisfied users of Yeah Write yesterday - agreeing with all they have to say, and after thinking about it, I realize there is another very important strength of Yeah Write that I didn't see mentioned. Stability! When I write with Yeah Write, I can relax and just think about the words, and not have to worry about data loss with 'another leading brand' due to the fundamental instability of this 'other' software. With 'other' software, I not only have to worry about whether I've recently saved something I'm working on, but also have to watch the clock, as the longer a file is open, the more unstable it becomes! Contrast this with rock-solid Yeah Write that automatically and dependably saves itself as I work.  Thank You!"--Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon, September 25, 2002

"I have not seen any evidence that you are aware of this, but many dyslexics find black text on a white ground harder to read than other color combinations. Special colored sheets/glasses are often prescribed. As a teacher of such students, I have been recommending YW for some years now as its non-WYSIWYG screen enables them to set a view which they find comfortable. Each student has a drawer with their settings and if they like the program they can purchase it for home use (or use the free version, though the UK dictionary has its advantages here in Britain!)....Obviously the intended benefits of the YW philosophy (transparent filing system and auto-saving) are also of huge benefit in a situation where I really don't want the technology to get in the way of the writing process."--Colin Jackson, March 23, 2002

"Congratulations! I was planning on writing a book for quite some time. In order to find some affordable software, I downloaded all kinds of stuff to help me with this task. None of the programs I came across, however, suited my needs; I wanted to be able to write scenes, develop characters, jot down some ideas, etc., without having to worry about where on earth I left all those different documents! Then I stumbled on to Yeah Write! I can't describe how I felt when I started your program: it's like a new world opened up before my eyes. Five minutes later I registered, downloaded the Dutch dictionary (I'm from Belgium), and started to make up my own "drawers" for writing Fiction, Short Stories, and so on. I don't know if I will ever finish a book (or even a short story), but I'm sure going to have fun during the process of trying."--Ronald Van Looy, September 2, 2001

"Just in case you're interested in knowing, both the Win31 and Win32 versions of Yeah Write can be run under OS/2. The Win32 version runs under Odin, freeware software that runs many Win32 apps."--David Jones, May 31, 2001

"I'd like to commend you guys again for creating a great little program.  I really liked using it when I had Windows, and given that it's coded so well, it works great using Wine (www.winehq.com) on Linux too! Keep up the good work!  I've recommended it to all my brothers & sisters."--Keith W. Sheffield, December 8, 2000

"I love the speed and efficiency of the program, the positively relaxing screen environment, and the easy-to-understand Help facility. I also appreciate being able to back up my 200 or so YW documents onto one diskette in seconds... I wish Yeah Write the bright future it deserves."--Helen Day, December 1, 2000

"I love this program! it is truly the Zen of word processing programs.  It's simplicity, elegance and humble speed are features no large multinational like Microsoft or Corel could even hope to create.  Due to their own immense size and steroidal scale of growth and production they are incapable of producing anything smaller in scope than a factory outlet or epz with their homogeneity and techno efficiencies that offend the human spirit.  I think this is a program for poets.  It's so beautiful and I like the colors."--min sook, September 10, 2000

"I have been using a bloat ware product from a well known company for years and I thought that I would not find anything better.  I recently decided I want to write a book and I saw a reference to Yeah Write! on a web site and I checked it out, I was skeptical at first but my productivity shot up when I started using this product.  It is fast and it has never crashed on me or locked up or had those annoying 3 second freezes. Best of all I don't waste any time trying to figure out what options to use, not use etc.  It is the most productive tool on my computer and I have a lot of tools ( I am a programmer.) This product really makes it easy to organize your documents.  If you can use a file drawer, you can figure out how this product works.  I wish more companies would take a cue from your software! Thanks."--Bill Carpenter, August 16, 2000

"Forget the simplicity....the keyword here is organization...this little gem of a program has vastly helped organize my business communication and correspondence. I love you guys."--John Slimick, December 13, 1999

"Yeah Write is the BEST piece of software I have ever used and I have tried them all. You have done a superb job here. It not only has met, but has exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available at such a meager price."--Kip Rouse, November 15, 1999

"Like many other of your fans, I have used the Big Name word processors for years, but not any more!  Yeah Write has pretty much ALL of the functionality that I need to live my life, and earn my living.  The fact that I don't have to waste time messing about with layouts and other "cosmetic" issues means that things get done SO MUCH quicker.  It really is a revelation to find out that I don't need all of the bells and whistles.  True, if I really tried, I could probably find SOMETHING I can do better in another word processor.  Frankly I'm past caring!  Right now my friends are sick and tired of hearing about just how well Yeah Write does things.  I don't care. They're gonna hear a lot more!"--Keith Reeder, October 5, 1999

"This is absurdly good.  I wish Microsoft would go out of business and leave this up to you.  Nice work!"--JCW, September 17, 1999

I've been a YW user for well over a year now, and it is far and away the best word processing program going.  I read many rave reviews about how easy it is, and there's no doubt that it's taken a giant leap from the crowd in its simple, common sense style, but, as someone who writes for a living, I have to go for quality over ease, and this package has the best of both."--Vincent Flynn. August 10, 1999

"I purchased Yeah Write exactly two weeks ago, and I'm incredibly pleased with this product!  I've used every type of word processor there is, from the old WordStar straight up through to Microsoft Word 2000.  This is simply the best word processor I have ever tried!  In addition to my job as the office manager of a small consulting firm (where I use the freeware version to create interoffice memos and keep myself organized), I am a freelance writer, and Yeah Write fills all my needs rather nicely!   It's the most versatile program I have ever tried.  Thank you for this wonderful program!"--Rae Combs, July 15, 1999

"Thanks for writing such a neat, clean, and easy to use and understand application. Yeah Write is truly a great piece of work for everyone. All of us in computer land whether novice or pro can use this (truly user friendly) software. My wife, who is an R.N. and shies away from everything, sat down and used a Yeah Write folder to type some notes for work. Then she was surprised that the print screen showed what she would get when it was printed. Not once did she ask me to explain anything. That is high praise. And deservedly so."--David Vann, June 6, 1999

"I downloaded your product last year on the recommendation of the resident tech writer of my Home page. I am so happy with this innovative little programme that I have passed the word along to my friends, and I second each and every word of praise given in your comments column by happy users. I wish you every success, and if you don't do well, there's just no justice in this world!"--Carlene, May 29, 1999

"Just tried your new program. FANTASTIC!!!! Finally one a newby can use. Thanks again for a super program."--Mona Lindholm, May 22, 1999

"This is the most fabulous piece of software I have seen in many years. I'm a freelance writer, and I've been using the same MicroBloat software since 1992, clinging to it desperately, watching the market get stranger and weirder as new writing programmes turned into giant dinosaurs--desperately hungry for resources, inefficient as hell, and downright frightening to use. Now, after seven years, I'm changing to a new product. After less than half an hour of test-driving! The list of things I love about Yeah Write is too long to detail, but I have to cite at least a few: price, size, intuitive ease of use, ingenious file-keeping, fantastic organisation, thoughtful colour scheme... where do I stop? After all these years, it's almost enough to make me weep with joy. Somebody out there is actually designing software for the needs of the user--not just building monstrous memory-hogs and ramming them down our throats. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.--Dirk F., May 19, 1999

"Just writing to say that I love the software for its simplicity. I have used Word, and Works, from Microsoft, and I don't care for them. I am very computer literate; however, while the Works program walks you through a 6-step wizard to print even a single envelope, Yeah Write takes care of it with a few clicks! I like the program very much."--Toni M., May 18, 1999

"WOW!!!  What a wonderful piece of software!  How do you do it.   I've been in the computer racket for over 35 years and have never met anything as NATURAL as this.  Less IS More!!"--Harry J. Warner, May 8, 1999

"Simple, efficient, and best of all, it's not resource hungry! In an age of 'starving, eat your system up with requirements' software, Yeah Write is a breath of fresh air. As the old adage proclaims: 'Sometimes less if more.' Thank you for a quality program with a 'real person's' price!--Amy, February 17, 1999

"How totally refreshing to find a skinny little program that does everything you need it to do...and does it right, does it attractively...and makes it fun! It restores my faith in programmers. My two young grandsons are already using it easily. (It might take a bit longer for their parents to catch on.) In the meantime, thank you from my heart for producing something so clean and useful...and at such a wonderful price."--Dee Churchill. January 27, 1999

"My 70 year old Mother (who is not comfortable with a computer) is loving Yeah Write. 'It looks like file folders that make it easy to find what you wanted to find. Your personal information is not hidden under mysterious titles and abbreviations.' Please continue creating such wonderful programs and give the big guys a run for the money!"--Cynthia White, January 9, 1999

"As a retired bean-counter generally not too happy with "word-processing," thank you, thank you, thank you for this really fun-to-use product. I'll have no problem recommending it to anyone who'll listen."--Richard P. Scheid, October 5, 1998

"I believe the Yeah Write software is the best writing product I have ever seen or used. While we have several other writing programs installed, this is the one that gets used on a daily basis."--Bill Pullin, September 13, 1998

I just wanted to thank you for an outstandingly simple program that makes tremendous sense!  I am very grateful for the design and the ease of use--it really could not get easier to figure out.  Even a total greenhorn could have it functional in minutes--I should know!  You folks are great!  Thanks for the super software!!!!--MaryAnn Jaggi, September 15, 1998

"I have been a PC user since 1980. I was employed for 32 years with IBM. I worked extensively with client/server and Internet application solutions design and implementation in the 80s and 90s, main frame software before that. I am not just a casual user. I've seen it all: the good; the bad and the ugly. This is the BEST software product I have ever used. Yeah Write is intuitively simple to use, yet it delivers extremely powerful and sophisticated function. Any complexity is totally masked from the user. I marvel that all of this function is delivered in less than a 1 MB download. YW is by far the most used application on my desk top."--Dan Cooney, August 14, 1998

"To heck with the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation! [Note: Yeah Write was honored this year as the Best Word Processor Application or Utility by the SIAF], the only award worth mentioning is the "Ken Robison likes it" award. I like your program, my English-major Masters-program daughter likes it, and my three grandsons like and use it for their school work. You guys are the GREATEST! Thanks so much for such a fine, innovative program. I wish the rest of the software industry would pick up on your style."--Ken Robison, July 30, 1998

"Just a short note about how much I love YW. It is the most used program I have; we use it everyday. It is so reliable and easy to use, that I almost take it for granted. It's never failed me once. My 9 year old daughter uses it as much as I do to write to her friends. She loves the idea of having a drawer with her name on it, just that little feeling of being hers alone. She is able to use it when ever she likes without fear of messing anything up. It's nice to have a program that improves only because the people who developed it, want it, instead of having to do it because it wasn't right in the first place. YW was right from the first day I used it."--Jack Faulk, July 30, 1998

"I have just downloaded your software and I must admit so far I am extraordinarily impressed. I almost can't believe that someone has finally got it right. Your approach to larger and clearer screen fonts is spot on. We are all suffering from eye fatigue as we get older. This could be the best software I have ever come across in the past 15 years."--Jeff Smith, July 26, 1998

"Given the choice, I go to YW rather than to my big, clunky word processing program. I like YW's speed and ease-of-use. When I write, I want to think about words, not about how to run my word processing software. YW fills the bill. It's a great product."--Randy Oswald, July 26, 1998

"Every time I use your software I have to think what a special talent your group has. I am truly addicted and cannot wait for your next gem."--Keith Nixon, July 21, 1998

"I just became a customer. Yeah Write is the way all software should work. No saving, no naming--a simple but elegant improvement. When are you going to do a spreadsheet for the rest of us. By the way. I also have WordPerfect Suite 8; bet it won't get used much now. Once again congrats."--Richard Johnston, June 4, 1998

"I'm a Senior Systems Analyst for a major corporation and President of a youth soccer organization. When I need to distribute a quick memo to my local community, Yeah Write beats MS Office hands down for ease of use and time involved. Absolutely no learning curve. Being very technical at work, I don't need issues when I try to do stuff at home. Yeah Write fits my needs and is a perfect fit. Great job fellow developers."--Keith Kilroy, June 3, 1998

"YW lends itself very well to my needs to organize work by projects, keep a current to-do list, keep notes and other information related to projects, records of delegations, and sometimes a short list of contacts. I think the key is all in the tabs and the index of files that right there before your eyes. And it uses so little of the computers resources! I'm happy. My life is complicated and for once I think the computer is actually going to help make it easier to manage. Hooray! So, you can keep telling everyone that YW is a word processor, but I'll be telling my friends that it's a great little information manager. Great job!"--Paula Ford, May 13, 1998

"I want to thank all of you there at the Yeah Write factory for an exquisite and elegant piece of highly utilitarian software with such a teeny footprint. My gratitude to you all."--Rollin Denniston, March 30, 1998

"I really appreciate being able to write a memo or a letter without all the BS of Word 97 etc. Don't change the way you are doing it. I am a lot smarter than I look and am also a professional land surveyor, and, believe it or not, I am married to a former Russian rocket scientist (she used to design nose cones for Ilyushin ICBMs). With our collaborative IQ of about 325, we couldn't get very far with Microsoft Word 97, or your old employer either. Our regards to all your staff and a thank you too."--Thomas Ray, March 25, 1998

"When I downloaded Yeah Write and started it up for the first time, I vowed that day never to use any other word processor ever. I could go on and on about how great Yeah Write is, but I'm sure you have already heard so much."--Blanche Mulloy, March 12, 1998

"Although I use the Office9x suite for my heavy duty stuff, YW is such a comfortable place to do work. It's like slipping on a favorite cardigan on a chilly day, and I feel my productivity rising by the keystroke. Actually, this is a hypothetical metaphor since I don't own a cardigan, much less have a favorite one. I favor worn out hooded sweatshirts. Keep up the great work!"--Patrick Eckman-March 5, 1998

"I have been intending to drop you a line thanking you again for a great program. 'Yeah Write' is the one program I would not give up, come h--l or high water! It has the lot, and if I have any complaint at all it is that you guys appear anxious to hide your light beneath the proverbial bushel. I squandered hours of download time enduring frustration and sleepless nights in a vain search for a neat, user-friendly label printer. Then by accident found exactly what I needed in the backroom of YW... and in UK/A4 format too! It was the same situation with envelopes. I tried several applications that were unpredictable or over-complicated before discovering that 'Yeah Write' could do the job simply and efficiently."--Geoff Richards, March 5, 1998

"There is a lot of shareware word processor software out there; I have 4 on my computer including the one that came with the system. Why do my girls always activate Yeah Write instead of the others? I was amazed at their answer! You put together an excellent product. No doubt about it."--Jeff Lee, March 5, 1998

"I had been searching and searching (for about 2 years) for software in which I could keep everything in one place in an organized manner. A lot of my position as a MOM [Medical Office Manager] required sending correspondence to insurance companies regarding problem claims, contacting the patient to let them know the status of their accounts, and then, after a period of time, following up on the claims. I could find no piece of software that could do this until now. With Yeah Write I could have at my fingertips everything I had done on each account all together in one place. What an amazing timesaver! When a patient or insurance company called, I didn't have to say "uh, let me check on that and call you back after I pull your chart, etc.", I could give an answer right away. I was thrilled to find you included a medical dictionary."--Yvette Taylor, March 4, 1998

"After downloading the evaluation version, it took us about 10 minutes to see that Yeah Write is the perfect word processor and document organizer for my elementary school kids--and this big kid, too."--Bobbie Crowell, March 1, 1998

"It is so fast to load, uses so much less power and is so very easy and intuitive to operate. I liked the fact that I could set up tabs for each research category and subcategory and hide the presets that I didn't use. A minor but nice feature was the ability to change page color---under lousy library lighting after hours with bad documents, what a treat to have a muted off white background! What a rest for the eyes. Please, don't change this into a massive hog of a program. It is perfect as it is."--Gretchen Adams, February 26, 1998

"After procrastinating for several weeks, playing with the various Yeah Write functions--freeloading on your nickel as it were--I had to create a brief but really important business letter this evening. I was amazed at the ease with which I performed this normally onerous task, composing, spell-checking and creating a professionally appearing document--and envelope--in only a few minutes. That one event was worth to me the full purchase price of your product--and then some. The only thing that ticks me off is the hundreds of dollars I've spent on the highly advertised bloated behemoths (yes, plural) that require hours of study and practice to learn and then yield a result that (after a minimum of 6 or 8 attempts) is usually inferior to what I produced with Yeah Write in 10 minutes. Fantastic product! Keep up the good work!"--James R. Rahfeldt, February 10, 1998

"This is a good clean non-complicated program. I like its speed, given that I have a 486 computer. Your communications, your technical assistance and your courtesy are commendable. I salute you."--Raymond Sterner, February 6, 1998

"I can't thank you enough for Yeah Write! It's quick, intuitive, and at the top of the "best software I own" list. You have the honor of being the first freeware/shareware program I've actually thought useful enough to register. My whole family uses it almost exclusively for all our word processing needs. And I use it as a teacher for all my curriculum development. Thanks for a truly amazing product."--Brian Russell, January 19, 1988

"I gave the program to my 85-year-old mother, who uses her computer every day. She was kind of dubious about having to learn another program, but she tried it because she was always losing stuff when she used either Word or WordPad. And guess what: She's absolutely enthralled with it. Loves it to pieces. Thinks it's terrific. And hasn't lost a single word to computer crashes or complexity, as she was with the bloatware she was previously using. That's a pretty huge recommendation for you."--Tim Condon, January 18, 1998

"This program is PERFECT for my laptop. Heck...I got rid of "Brand X" office suite, which I rarely used anyway and freed up a ton of precious hard drive space! Thank you!"--Stef Erickson, January 2, 1998

"I got a Zip Drive for Christmas and the thought occurred to me that Yeah Write would be absolutely portable if I put it on a Zip disk and carried it in my briefcase. I put the program and folder on my drive and have been using it off a parallel port Zip drive (not the new Zip Plus) all day. It's great! The program is so efficient that there is almost no degradation of performance."--Brian G. Fay, December 27, 1997

"All my sincere congratulations to the entire team who put together a superb program."--James Amodeo, December 22, 1997

"I am a Portuguese/Canadian writer and I don't have words to thank you for such an honest, well thought out, simple, yet efficient program. I'm used to big word processors like WP8, and I find that suddenly I became more productive just by using Yeah Write."--Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto, December 21, 1997

"I've been in the business since 1959, and I've seen it all. Just wanted to let you guys know I think you've done a great job and I support all your efforts."--Cliff Taylor, November 20, 1997

I downloaded Yeah Write from Download.com last week and just cant get enough of it! I love the colors, and choice of colors, and the general layout is very friendly. My 7 year old son is using the journal for a school project. I have even been able to get some of my recipes in the program instead of having to rely on books. Your team has combined everything one would need to keep track of in one small package. Keep up the great work and thank you for offering a "test-drive" of Yeah Write!"--Sarah Leone, November 9, 1997

"I recently decided to keep a diary on my computer and started searching the Internet for the right program. After trying a good dozen programs that all had way too much junk in them, your program "Yeah Write" is exactly the thing I was looking for. Easy to use, not cluttered with unnecessary junk, and quick to learn. Thanks for making such a nice program."--Ileana Goodnough, November 9, 1997

"I understand the program perfectly. I love it."--Anne Conzemius, November 5, 1997

"Yeah Write is FANTASTIC! I jumped online to register this program less than 10 minutes after I installed it. Thanks so much for bringing this MUCH needed package to the market place. It's about time someone gave us a "bloat-free" word processor!"--Gary L. Murphy, November 4, 1997

"I have been searching for a word processing program for my 5th grader. I looked at a lot of programs. I have to tell you that your program is the easiest and best I have found. I run a child care for school age children and even they can understand how to use it for their homework."--Maureen, October 30, 1997

"I purchased the WIN95 version today and found it to be the best software value ever! I loaded WordPerfect 7 one more time, just to compare load times. How about 3 vs 25 seconds? My wife used it to type a memo, so I just bought the WIN3.1 version for her to use at her office. Congratulations on a great, efficient product."--John Cook, October 18, 1997

"Keep up the good work! I use this software everyday and it's the best investment that I've made for this computer."-- Karen Porter, October 3, 1997

"I'm a Ph.D. student who needs portability more than cutting edge power. I'm working on a 386 laptop and if I have to use WP6.1, I've got time to go make a sandwich before it's done loading. Yeah Write is the best thing I've put on my computer."--Eric Shibuya,

"Just wanted to say thanks for this great new release. I'm so impressed with your program---especially impressed that you offered the upgrade free to registered owners."--Judy, October 3, 1997

"Frankly, I don't know how you do it. You have made my special personal word processor into one which I now fully intend to use for all of my work. The additional features are fantastic."--Lloyd Vandeyacht, October 3, 1997

"Yahoo! Yippee! Hooray! Oh boy! I am loving this! My favorite program in the world got even better! Somebody wake me up; I think I'm dreaming!"--Mary N. Woodman, October 2, 1997

"Good work guys. Your product deserves greater recognition as it is truly a unique and exceptional word processor in a class of it's own. I love it."--Peter Jakacki, September, 30, 1997

"Thank you for the wonderful word processor Yeah Write. The ideas that you have implemented in Yeah Write are fantastic, and really make writing anything a dream. The document filing system in Yeah Write is excellent, it is so easy to keep tabs on documents or find that previous good draft document."--Barry O'Kane, September 30, 1997

"Many thanks for a marvelous program. I've been using Word for the past couple of years (after WordPerfect stumbled a bit) and using Yeah Write is like changing over to a healthy, tasty, fat-free diet after years of guzzling doughnuts, muffins and cream cakes. I feel fine!"--Robin O'Connor, September 25, 1997

"I've been using Yeah Write for about four months, and it is by far my favorite personal word processor. I resort to the bloated MS Word when I need to do serious formatting, but try to avoid it otherwise. I appreciate YW's directness of purpose."--D. Holmberg, September 24, 1997

"Congratulations for a great piece of software done with a fresh and new style. I'm a senior Reliability Engineer and I respect and admire designs that are simple (therefore reliable) and creative (therefore fun to use)."--John Adams, September 18, 1997

"Your Yeah Write is a real relief after so much WYSIWYG swindle. For the first time in some years I feel treated with respect by a non-patronizing developer."--M. Vinyals (Barcelona, Spain), September 12, 1997

"I always had a warm spot for WP 5.1. I'm glad that you have carried on the tradition of making easy to use programs for people who have work to get done."--Stephen Gilliard, August 30, 1997

"When one's day often consists of no more or less than switching between monstrous applications alike in their GUI and temperamental turns, your creation is heavenly. It is colourful. Now, you wouldn't think that would make a difference to a mere hack, but it does, oh, it does!"--J S Gluck, August 28, 1997

"Congratulations on designing the easiest and by far the best word processor I've ever come across. You have a winner with Yeah Write!"--Peter Loader, August 26, 1997

"I would like to thank you for developing such a great and useful program. I recently started my own business and was having a heck of a time writing business letters. Your product is probably the best on the market for writing correspondence. Again, thank you very much."--Anne Truitt, August 14, 1997

"I downloaded a free version and thought little of the program. After all, I was this big time operations director whose boss purchased Word 7, WordPerfect 7 and what did I need with this tiny program with tabs and colored screens? Boy, was I wrong. This is a beauty. Quick, fast, and flawless... I want to personally commend you on an exceptional program."--Dave Mariah, July 30, 1997

"Yeah Write is the only shareware that I've ever registered. As a free-lance writer, I would be lost without it. Without it, I couldn't track my writing submissions, future characters, ideas in progress, editors, publishing houses, expenses, payments; I could go on and on."--Sandy, July 25, 1997

"This little program is the best I have seen in YEARS!! Does just what I need it to do, and does not hog valuable space on my hard drive. How do you guys do it? Keep up the good work."--Joyce McEntire, July 25, 1997

"I have not yet bought your software, nor have I had much time to work with it. I just found out tonight that my young 13 year old daughter has been using it for a number of her projects at school. I asked her what she thought! Well she responded, "It's great, simple to use, and it gets good marks at school."--John Phillips, July 24, 1997

"I was just thinking yesterday about what an invaluable tool this program is for me. I feel lucky to have discovered it. If you said right now that I'd have to pay $200 to continue using it, I wouldn't flinch. I could not give up this program."--Robin Miller, July 23, 1997

"I really am impressed with your high-quality work. I think you can offer this as a legitimate option for people who have just been overwhelmed by overstuffed and difficult to organize word processing programs. A lot of people don't want and don't need the whole "suite" concept of supposedly integrated but actually mutually degrading applications."--John S. Ransom, July 23, 1997

"I LOVE YEAH WRITE!!! IT'S MY FAVORITE PROGRAM, NO KIDDING! Thanks for creating it, if you did, and if not, give whoever did a big kiss for me will ya!!"--Mimi , July 23, 1997

"I have been using Yeah Write at least 3 times a week and enjoy the thought that went into the program. I can do more with WP8, but I'm done in Yeah Write while WP is still loading."--Bob Williams, July 23, 1997

"What a wonderful addition to my hard disk. I love what it does, its ease of use and the flexibility with which it performs. It makes preparing correspondence simpler and quicker than ever before. Congratulations to the authors."--Charles K. Redlack, July 9, 1997

"Works great, no learning curve at all!!!!"--Jeff Wiesler, June 30, 1997

"I love Yeah Write. I am teaching my 9 year old how to use it. We like to copy and paste video game cheat codes off the internet and I have made him his own 'games' drawer with tabs: Nintendo, snes, sega, n64, pc games and memos. Now he can find and print his codes by himself. Not like trying to decipher mom's 8 letter abbreviated file names."--Janet LaFara, June 28, 1997

"As a WP 4 to 7 user, you all are definitely going in the right direction. The big, fat, slow programs are doomed! Best wishes."--Robert Prestemon, June 27, 1997

"I am glad someone still thinks realistically in terms of software packages. All the others are big bulky and have features that most people don't use. Yours is small, fast, effective, easy and fun. It loads fast even on a 386, and takes up barely any space at all! I think it's great. Congratulations!"--Graeme Stewart-Robertson, June 27, 1997

"I'm mightily impressed. I have been searching for functional lean software I can recommend to my (university) students."--Richard B. Stevens, June 27, 1997

"I, like others, am always leery of downloading shareware quite simply because I am usually disappointed with the product. NOT IN THIS CASE. You have a winner here, and that statement does not seem glowing enough for how I feel about Yeah Write."--Don Butler, June 20, 1997

"I'm one of those poor folk still bashing away at a 486DX2-66 and YW just flies. I can't believe the speed when compared to the mammoth Word Perfect 7.0. It's like I'm using WP5.1 with the spiffiest Windows front-end that I've ever seen. I'm a computer science student and one of my major complaints about the software industry today is that there seems to be no drive to make things small and fast. You are one of the few to go against the grain. Congratulations on a great piece of software."--Jamie Hale, June 17, 1997

"I just starting using YW and my first impression is that you guys have made a great product! I never thought I'd be excited about a wp (doesn't that sound pathetic?!), but I already told a friend about YW!"--Timothy Wojnar, June 17, 1997

"While Yeah Write is (by design) not ideal for writing heavy-duty instruction manuals, it is great for everything else, and has a few huge benefits over Word97 (which I avoid like the black plague): 1. It does not make assumptions about what the reader is typing. 2. It is not a resource hog; consequently it is also fast. 3. It is Dirt Simple to use."--Harrison Ripps, June 16, 1997

"I love this program. I am giving it to my sister, parents, and grandparents. It's just that good!"--Ross E. Perez, June 16, 1997

"I have a 486/66 and I'm tired of waiting for a word processor to load. Your software is only the fourth piece of software I've purchased and I've been on the 'Net for three years. Keep up the good work!"--Barbara Pfieffer, June 16, 1997

"Just wanted to say I just downloaded and registered 16 bit version, and I am very pleased with it. I plan to purchase/license 2 additional copies for my son and daughter, both in college. Please do (1) keep it an inexpensive application, and (2) don't make it a big and bloated product."--Doug Taylor, June 16, 1997

"Congrats on a great product. I went from WP5.1 to MS-Word for Windows/95 and started to return to WP5.1. Word was just to cumbersome, awkward, and really not friendly. I really didn't want to go back to DOS. Now, with YW, I can get some real work done!"--George A. Geder, June 15, 1997

"I thought the days of small fully functional software were gone. Obviously not."--Alberto Trevino, June 15, 1997

"Let me say that Yeah Write is one of the most exciting products I have come across in a long time. It is a delight to use. As someone who writes for a living and has watched Word become the corporate standard, I had more or less given up on hoping for much in the way of innovation in word processing. More code, sure, but not much innovation. Yeah Write was a revelation. An address book that actually works? Incredible. A file management system that actually manages files? Amazing. A choice of colored backgrounds? Unheard of. I can't wait to see what you do next."--Brad Roberts, June 9, 1997

"I use Office 97, WordPerfect Suite, Ventura, and have now found Yeah Write. It's the best thing that has happened to me in the realm of software. Whoever developed it knew what real people needed to make computing work simply. Well done. I await the British spellchecker with hope."--John Tindall, May 29, 1997

"How dare you design a product so useful and only charge $15 for it. I've downloaded a lot of shareware off the net and 99.9% gets removed the next day for being childish, useless, buggy or over priced but, yours I was eager to purchase. I work tech support projects and FINALLY I have something that I can use effectively to keep track of the mound of information I process daily."--Ben Simmons, May 28, 1997

"Yes, I love your product, particularly for student writing (I am an English teacher), because it is easy to use and very non-technical, focusing on the writing task. Never lose this simplicity!"--Ed Creely, May 17, 1997

"I bought a used laptop. Yeah Write was on it when I got it (version 0.1). I have been using it for a couple of days now and I LOVE it. I love the way the files are already sorted for you! I think that's super. I hate figuring out filing systems."--Paulina U., May 3, 1997

"You guys did all the things I have been looking for, including e-mail that I can write off line, and send it when I can find a phone (on the road). I had my brother's registered copy so I had full use - and could have beat you out of the $15. But this is so good, and the price is so reasonable, how could I? Not even a "timed nag screen" which is one thing that makes me want to NOT register (I don't want them to think that the nag screen "worked"). Put me on your "satisfied customer" list, and thanks for your hard work."--David Staffer, April 26, 1997

"I just want to tell you guys, like everyone else before me has, that you have one snazzy little product. You have created a tool that is so user-friendly that my mother, who has just recently been exposed to Windows 3.1, is able to use it without any assistance from me. I am impressed. She learned how to use the address book, envelope, letter and drawer functions, and lots more in one evening. Again, great job."--Darren Snook, April 25,1997

"Kudos! I just downloaded Yeah Write and am in ecstasy at the notion of a word processor that is simple enough that it doesn't have to be listed as a professional requirement. The notion of a word processor being so ungodly complex, that you can list it in your resume as an application you're experienced with, makes me nauseous." -- Gabrielle Taylor, Jan. 23, 1997

"....I tried an experiment last night that you might find interesting. Barbie and Maggie had reports due today, and they wanted to do them on the computer. I set up Maggie on my laptop with Yeah Write, and Barbie on Denise's laptop with WordPerfect. Barbie is the more disciplined of the two, so she just typed away, while Maggie spent a lot of time asking questions about her subject and had to be nagged occasionally to stop daydreaming. In spite of this, Maggie actually finished first. Barbie lost some time trying to make the title look right, plus she had to try out every button on the toolbar to see what it did. Of course, scientific proof would require more extensive testing with better controls, but I think you'd find that young children would be much more productive with Yeah Write than a standard Windows word processor. (And of course, the file drawers are much easier to understand than a Windows common file dialog.)" -- Bruce Parrello, Jan. 27, 1997

"I just wanted to say thanks. I have a Gateway Handbook that is really nifty but, it only has 250 Mb of hard disk space and only 8 Mb of Ram. I refuse to junk it because of software bloat. Thanks for something that perfectly suits my needs." -- Jerry Cranford, Jan. 9, 1997

"You folks are doing a terrific job. The interface is so intuitive, I find myself trying things in YW that I've never had the patience for in my expensive name-brand word processor. YW's learning curve is more like a speed bump." -- Bob Follek, Jan. 8, 1997